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A Growing Collective

With vastly diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and personal narratives, the Black Fleet Network is a mosaic of professionals that drive the industry forward. We support each other because we know what it takes to make the dream work. Our expertise is immeasurable, and our vibe is the substance that defines culture. Fueled by legacies of tenacity, ingenuity, and wild accomplishment - we understand our responsibility to the next person. And with that charge, we hold one another up in here so we can hold it down out there.

Solution is the orient. Progress is the direction. Let's move. 

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Much like the genesis of most Black American experiences, our beginnings were humble. Recognizing a lack of representation and a void in advocacy across the automotive space, our founder set out to challenge a long held status quo that has minimized the efficacy of Black fleet professionals and their contributions to the industry. One discussion at a time, person by person, he took a grassroots approach to learning today's Black fleet experience. Every story had disappointing common threads and the response to "doing something" about it was unanimous.


Astronomical demands and little to no equity threaten the sustainability of any stakeholder's involvement. Therefore, the answer became clear - ownership. If more Black people secure space in the industry and rock their roles, seats will be made available and new tables will be built. So, we got busy building a house where Black people are welcome and unmuted, free to comfortably explore opportunities; where we share expertise, with our voices, to ensure any current or rising professional who knocks on BFN's door leaves better equipped and is encouraged toward greater fulfillment. And with that, the Black Fleet Network™ was born.


Incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit member organization, we exist for you: the Black fleet pro. An uber talented group of servant leaders have collaborated to engineer the inception of this movement, and they're committed to a level of stewardship that ensures this house is a home for generations to come. Take a moment and see who's behind what's next.  



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