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Growth is the natural result of any healthy organism. With proper nourishment and consistent tending, even a modest seed will flourish; proliferating an expansive yield of productivity.


As stewards of an industry that moves the world, we own the opportunity to propagate a better path forward from which the next generation will navigate its direction. Black Fleet Network sponsors understand the intrinsic and enduring value of their investment. They are people-centric and carry an ethic that knows the pursuit of equity requires the scales to be proactively balanced.  

Massive movement is mobilized by the courageous. Be that.  


We've constructed three sponsorship types that align with any level of involvement. Scroll on and discover the best opportunity for you and your organization. We're excited you've chosen to ride with us!


The good people and organizations that deliver endorsement in conjunction with short-term endeavors; demonstrating commitment to furthering The Mission. If you're interested in sponsoring events or training sessions, or if you want to donate in support of Black-owned suppliers and student initiatives - this is where

you make an impact.


Corporate entities or individuals who contribute resources designed to address specific needs or to provide support within certain industry segments. Trade associations, educational institutions, and fellow nonprofits epitomize this sponsorship type. This one is for the grinders who collaborate with us to make things happen. 

Creativity and dynamic cooperation are welcome here.


The day-ones who are committed to devoting consistent support, advancing The Vision, and establishing nurturing connections. These are corporations, individuals, or foundations that desire to invest in our origin; in order to cultivate activity that will effectuate long-term growth of The Network. Root Sponsors are BFN partners. 


Three tiers of opportunity are available, but only for a limited time. Click below to explore the options.


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Black Fleet Network™ is a 501 (c)3 Nonprofit Member Organization. In many cases, charitable contributions are considered tax deductible. Please consult with a licensed tax professional for advisement on individual and/or corporate filings. [DBA] BFN assumes no liability for any tax-related responsibilities of sponsors, members, nor donors.  

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