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This website,, collects email addresses when/if a user voluntarily signs up for the Black Fleet Network™ (BFN) mailing list and/or Black Fleet Network™ (BFN) newsletter. When email addresses are collected by this website, they are only used for exclusive content and special offerings and/or updates requested voluntarily by users who subscribe. Subscribers may easily opt-out at any time by selecting the unsubscribe button in any email or emailing for manual removal. Email addresses are never shared with third party business nor entity,  and will only be used and accessible by the site owner for purposes listed herein. If the privacy policy changes, subscribing users will be notified via email.


This website, collects access dates and times, certain clicking of buttons, and city/state information of visitors by means of cookies. Names, email addresses, and any other personal information are not collected by means of cookies or involuntary action. Cookies are used to help the Site Owner, Black Fleet Network™ collect information about how visitors and users interact with and helps the Site Owner determine what information is visited, most frequented and requested by the user(s). User information will never be sold or distributed by the Site Owner of  According to, the host platform of the website: “User information is protected by the leveraging of “SSL certificates to encrypt data in-transit between website end users and customer domains. offers HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) which encrypts the content served during sessions and only allows customer websites to be accessed via HTTPS.”

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